Meet Dr. Yeral Patel

Inspired to defy the ordinary, Dr. Patel embarked on a mission to develop the All I Need Serum.

About YouvaMD

As a Family Medicine Physician and Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Patel’s career has been rich with lessons on how to heal concerns like skin conditions from the inside out. Over the last decade, passion fueled her purpose to create the ultimate inclusive serum that is free of toxins, full of pure ingredients, effective for all skin types, and functions as an efficient powerhouse that rejuvenates, hydrates, protects and repairs…all in one!

Like so many of us on the hunt for the perfect recipe to perfect our skin, Dr. Patel has seen how confusing it can be to sort through ingredients, create regimens, compare product reviews and beyond. Her mission was to create a solution for men and women that would elevate their skin to a new level with simplicity.

“Have you ever wished you could have access to the one skin care product that would transform your skin and simplify your regimen? Me too. So I created it – for you and me.”


Dr. Yeral Patel

The Story

“As a physician, my passion has always been in helping others. As a little girl, I would diligently watch my mother who was fastidious in her skin care routine. She always preferred to nurture her natural beauty and therefore she didn’t wear much makeup. She taught me the importance of feeling good in your own skin, literally and figuratively. So, when I made my first paycheck as a physician I gifted my mom with what I thought were the best skin care creams and serums. I did what many of us do – I purchased the glamourous options I saw in magazine ads and the ones celebrities were endorsing. After a while I asked my mom what she thought and she said, “honestly, there are so many less expensive, simple products I feel work better.” At the same time, I was on my journey into Functional Medicine and was beginning to understand the effects that toxins have on our bodies and the importance of addressing root causes which manifest into other issues like skin conditions.

This was my turning point…

As I sat working from home in telemedicine during the height of 2020, I began reflecting on my mom’s words, my knowledge as a physician, and then walked into my bathroom one afternoon to see the 20 half used bottles on my counter of skincare products and thought…there has to be a better way. I decided I would create the solution that would stop my endless searching – and yours too – for the one product that truly would be all you need.

Fast forward to today. My dream product packed full of high potency, non-irritating, effective clean ingredients sits exclusively on my counter. It’s a powerhouse, just like the men and women who use it. What they say is true…less truly is more.”

Cheers to all you need,

Dr. Patel